This is awkward. I miss the ocean so much, I bought a bottle of Stérimar. For those who don’t know, it’s a bottle of seawater you get from the pharmacy. My mum would use it on me when I was little; it is extremely useful when you get a cold. It’s supposed to be used for nasal hygiene… I’m planning on showering with it.

Yep, I am officially sad/ crazy/ very resourceful (delete as appropriate).

Considering I have just sprayed my fingers so I could lick the seawater, I guess the most accurate description of my current state might be insane. You see, I just cannot deal with being away from the water. And it’s not a mental thing either. My skin is all dry and disgusting, my hair makes no sense, and my eyesight is deteriorating. None of those things happen when I’m by the sea.

The trying to take the ocean home started very early on. I used to wonder whether it would be feasible to take little bottles of seawater back from childhood holidays on the seaside. I collected seashells, little pebbles and even driftwood, little reminders of the ocean.

Having recently found some of the stuff I brought back home from all over the coasts of the world, I realised they had lost their lustre, their shine, their soul and life. Like me.

I’m seriously considering taking them back to the beaches I found them in. I’ll let you know whether I run with this idea after my Stérimar shower.


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