Feeling the wanderlust

There is nothing like work to make you want to go travelling… Whilst I always have a serious case of wanderlust, it does become stronger every time I feel tied to somewhere or something.

Even though it might have something to do with not having gotten a single day off in a couple of weeks, I do believe that there is nothing more conductive to itchy feet than being told that you cannot go anywhere for a while.

Now let’s be honest. I’m not a kid, and as one of my best mate told me recently, I am not serving time and therefore can pretty much do what I want. But I won’t, of course, just up and leave. I like my job. It is just that however much I love what I am doing at the moment, the fact it is tied to a place, to a certain degree, makes me want to go and see other places.

So what makes me get so restless? Is it just trying to escape? A lack of maturity? Or just that I am very tired and should probably get more than a couple of hours of sleep a night?

It might even be simpler: the fact that I abhor routine and have always try to break free of it. Freelancing is perfect for that. Maybe it is just the place I am in. Or it might be the universe trying to tell me that I am meant to be on the road, always.

Whatever it is, I find myself looking at my friends’ pictures of their travels and, quite frankly, hating them. I want to be there, do that, and experience new stuff.

You can stop travelling, but the travels never really leave you. Be it memories or a lingering need for more, it’s always there. Probably the healthiest drug there is. Even though it’s impossible to go off it.


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