I am European, whatever that might mean. And as such, it is always a real surprise to people when they find out I know Europe relatively badly, compared to other areas of the world.

I’ve never been to Berlin, or Prague. The longest I’ve spent in Barcelona was two days… No, I have never set foot in Scotland, I have no idea what the Swiss mountains look like or got drunk at Oktoberfest.

Considering I am now back in Europe for a while, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to go and explore this part of the world I was born in.

Don’t get excited though, as I have yet to start exploring but the plan is very well laid out: I’ll go somewhere new whenever I can (meaning weekends) and start ticking off European bucket list destinations.

Prague and Vienna are definite must. As are Budapest and Rotterdam, Naples and Seville… the list is endless, so I should really get on with the train-tickets booking.

I’ve never really had to sort out weekends away though, and the prospect of having to start now is slightly daunting: how does one organise a 2/3 days trip without any flexibility?! I have no idea. Yet. But I will make sure to let you know about my European adventures once I do figure out how to organise them.

Now, on to planning!


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