So, I wrote about taking weekend breaks around Europe in my last post, and here I am, having just booked one!

Except, of course, it’s not a weekend trip, or even really travelling, as I am going back home in London for a week of catch up and shenanigans.

There are so many reasons to travel (read here: change location) that I won’t bore you with a list of them. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning the one that pushed me to finally book my Eurostar to London.

I spent many a sleepless night trying to comprehend my absence from London during the Rugby World Cup. I was in New Zealand during the last one, and I was so happy and looking forward to having it, again, at home. And here I am. Not in London.

Which was, of course, unacceptable. Eurostar booked, problem sorted. I will, at least, be in London for one of the All Blacks game. Phew! Crisis averted!

I truly believe travel should be undertaken for its own sake. Going home, on the other end, usually needs a reason. And when the reason is the RWC, the Roses and the AB, really, how can one hesitate?!


On the very good question of who I would support if both England and NZ get to the final, I think the answer is: MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!


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