The RWC 2015 is well and truly underway, England won their first game, so of course, I found myself at the pub screaming and jumping up and down on Friday night.

Apart from being extremely happy that The Roses won, I also learnt that I was currently living in Fiji. I really thought it would be hotter, but oh well, that’s already pretty cool to be able to say that you live in Paris, Fiji.

What the Hell am I on about? Well, you see, when at the pub in Paris, watching England VS Fiji, every single French person in the room will be supporting Fiji. Don’t you worry though, none of them were as loud as I was, so England definitely won that battle.

Of course, it is not about Fiji. It is not about who they are FOR, but who they are AGAINST. Which is fair enough, considering I am always against France, no matter who plays them. But whilst this is just a personal thing, the “let’s be against England and NZ” when it comes to rugby, “US” when it comes to everything, sport related or otherwise, is getting old and tiresome.

It might have something to do with the incapacity of France to be anything in and of itself, relying on others to shape itself, with or against.

To the Fiji supporters at the pub on Friday, who had no idea where Fiji was, or what the basic rules of rugby were, it was a pleasure to meet you (ish), and thank you for having transported me to Fiji for a couple of hours. Now, it’s time to get back to Paris, France; before finally going back to London, England, GB, UK.


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