Travel memories come in all forms and shapes. They can also be triggered by some unexpected events, sights, smells…

Whilst going home is hard, your travels stay with you for a long time (if not forever) and you can be transported back to the road at any times, all you need are little details.

I found myself in Bali when in the shower only yesterday. I had found some soap from Rapture SurfCamp in a forgotten plastic box, and decided to use it. It took two days for the smell to take me back to the outdoor showers of the camp on a lazy afternoon after an early surf in Balangan.

Why was it only my second shower using this soap that triggered the memories? Who knows! But at that moment, I was, truly, in Bali.

The quality of the light, the force of the wind, all can be vehicles that will put you in another time and space. All these details need is something to hook onto, experiences you have, at one point or another, lived, and that marked you.

So if you see me walking around Paris with glazy eyes, don’t think I’m crazy. If the wind is right, I might actually be on the Wellington waterfront; if the light is strong enough, I might be in Oahu, if the smells of pollution lift for a moment, I could very well be in Byron Bay.


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