I finally got back to civilisation! And let me tell you, it’s going to be very hard to leave again in a couple of days.

From catching up with friends to haunting old loved spots, and spending time at the pub, this has been a very good little outing so far. I also managed to buy enough books to last me until I can come back (probably in December), bought much needed items like shower gel and eye drops (what is wrong with you Paris that you don’t have a Boots?!) and checked out a couple of exhibitions.

All of it is ace, really, except I’m realising very slowly, but very surely that I don’t live here anymore. And that’s depressing.

You don’t know you miss something, someone or someplace until you get a taste of it again and go DAMN THAT’S WHAT I NEEDED!

I refuse to dwell on this, however, as I am now very sure that as soon as it is humanly possible, I’ll be back home.

Oh, and does anyone know what “doing the star of the sea” mean? No? Ask a Spanish friend and be ready to giggle yourself silly! You’re welcome.


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