21st Century Life

The great hours of the freelancer

As a freelancer, I can, theoretically, work whenever I want. It also goes without saying that I fix my own hours.

But there is a catch (and it’s a big one, especially if you’re me. I’ll explain later): you can work your own hours within society’s idea of what are “business hours”.

In other words: you better start at 9… but you won’t finish at 5 cause guess what?! You’re a freelancer!

Is that fair? No. But that’s not the point of this little rant. The real problem, at least for me, isn’t how late I’m supposed to work, or how realistic some deadlines might be. The truth is, these work better for me anyway. My real issue is the 9 am start.

Before I go any further, let me state something very clearly: I DO NOT DO 9AM STARTS. Like, ever. Unless you’re The Queen, you won’t get me out of bed before AT LEAST 12. And even HRH would be strongly advise to never ask me for anything before tea if she wants me at my best.

Before anyone comments about how “lazy” I am, let me stop you right there: I never shy away from work, but I am NOT a morning person. Never have been. Never will be. And no, I don’t care what time Anna Wintour, or Michelle Obama wake up and how much they get done in the morning. I’ve always only been really alive I night – I’m talking 7 years old still awake at 4am. I don’t think I’ve been on time more than a couple of times in my entire school career. And look at me! I’ve passed everything I had to, even though, apparently, I was “not fulfilling my potential”. Meh. It would have been easier to be “fulfilling my potential” at midnight. Blame the idiot who scheduled exams in the morning.

I’ve had a very successful life of going to bed with the sun coming up and waking up whenever I felt like it.

At least whenever I could. When I worked in an office, I did my 9 to 5. I was miserable, but hey, that’s life.

How excited am I to be freelancing and finally go back to my student’s days and following my internal clock?!

I wish! Emails, phone calls, meetings… what is wrong with people?!

Maybe I was more suited to be a stripper (or a vampire, but are these two necessarily mutually exclusive? To be explored…), at least their clients don’t require them to be up and functioning before lunchtime (I’m talking Mediterranean lunchtime: so say, 2pm?).

And to all the very “helpful” people giving advices on how freelancers should “set strong boundaries” and “let their clients know about business hours”, I want to ask: what the F… is the point of freelancing?!

Sarah Kante Gottfried

Business Hours: 2pm to 2am
Outside these hours, please do not expect ANY kind of communications, work or life signs from freelancer.

Thanks for your understanding!


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