21st Century Life

You and me VS New Year resolutions

2016 is finally here! And with the January blues comes the string of resolutions everyone makes and has forgotten by February.

It has always been a concept I couldn’t understand: why would grown adults repetitively set themselves up to fail? Year after year, it’s the same old “resolutions” that creep up: losing some weight, changing jobs, waking up half an hour earlier… Let’s face it, if you haven’t done it in however long you’ve been alive, saying (or writing) it now won’t make it miraculously happen.

Which isn’t to say that I don’t believe in bettering oneself.

Actually, I believe in the concept so much, I made my own little list this year.

Instead of resolutions, however, it’s goals I’m after.

What makes goals different from resolutions? Whilst they can and sometimes do overlap, there is nothing in goals that requires you to feel like a loser if you skip a day, can’t be bothered to wake up early and be productive the other.

Goals are long-term plans that make you feel good about yourself. Resolutions are just begging to be broken at the first opportunity.

My goals are simple, from going back to the dance studio to visiting three new countries this year. And by the end of 2016, I’m pretty sure I will have achieved some of them, maybe even all.

Mind you though, my goal is not to start going to dance class 3 or 5 times a week, it’s simply to start going again. Which leaves room for the “meh” days and the simple fact of life sometimes getting in the way.

It makes it all possible, and achievable, instead of a drag that makes you feel like a loser when you break your streak two weeks after having started.

2016 should be the year of goals. So here is a radical idea: let’s forget about resolutions and start feeling good about ourselves!


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