Did you know you needed a very specific serum for your neck once you are over 25? It should most definitely be part of your nightly routine, I learned in Seoul, lest your face stays wrinkles-free but you get chicken neck.

Now, I love The FaceShop. I’ve looked for their stores everywhere, from Dubai to Singapore, and get a real high from finding new products.

I discovered the brand back during my last visit to Korea, when I was still under 25 (very much so) and was therefore not told of the impending wrinkly neck disaster.

But let’s get real: whilst Korea beauty products are amazing, aren’t they taking it a step too far? I went in to buy moisturiser and left with every type of product on the face of the earth. Because The FaceShop doesn’t exist in Europe, I of course stocked up in case I REALLY need a product, and only realise it once I get home. THAT would be a disaster worst than the chicken neck.

Considering how cheap it all is, I just went for it. Chances are, I won’t layer five (FIVE!) products on my face and neck every night, even if I’m apparently getting too old to just wing it. I’ll take my chances, thank you very much.

Would it be ok if I just use random products at random times when I remember, and am neither too drunk nor too tired to do more than just wash my face with handwash? Maybe my face will fall off!

But then again, a wrinkly neck would most definitely be the LEAST of my problems if my face fell off… I’m not Korean after all.


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