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To wear or not to wear heels…

That is most definitely the question! Or it seems to be.

In between Cannes and the temp worker who’s been sent home because she was wearing flats, what we put on our feet is grabbing headlines.

As a woman with an alarmingly large collection of shoes, I never really thought about heels as anything else than a fashion statement. Sometimes it’s not even that: if I feel like wearing the pretty shoes, I wear them! Even if it’s to go to the beach.

And this is the real problem: the question is not whether we should be wearing heels, it’s whether anyone has the right to tell us when and where we should – or should not – wear them.

I’ve always taken choice EXTREMELY seriously. I have been known to go to clubs wearing nothing but swimwear and a leather jacket in the middle of winter in London, even if I lived in front of a mosque at the time – and walked everywhere – and it was snowing.

I’ve also turned up at high-end clubs in Vans and t-shirt, not because I wanted to piss anyone off but because I couldn’t be bothered that day.

I’ve hiked in flip flop and wore a cocktail dress to the pub. YOU KNOW WHY?! Because I felt like it! Not because I had to, or because it was socially acceptable, but because that day I WANTED to wear that.

No one should be able to tell you what to wear, on your feet or anywhere else, not even society – or the weather.

To go back to the headline grabbing temp who was sent home: I say good for her! Not only has she gotten an opportunity to highlight sexism in the workplace, she’s also now supported in her choice to wear flats – who knew THAT would be so controversial – by everyone with some decency.

To wear or not to wear heels should NOT be the question! What the heck do I feel like wearing today should ALWAYS be the one and only question that matters when it comes to your appearance. Alternatively, “Is this clean?” is acceptable.


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