I never thought I would wake up and jump in the shower with so much love for Kim Kardashian!

In today’s news, however, she was such a light and delightfully good surprise, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Let me recap. We all woke up to the saddest and most infuriating stories. Those that didn’t fall into these categories were simply depressing or worrying. From Boris Johnson’s flight – which got my heart racing with worries it was another attack – to boos in Nice, further reports on the state of Turkey and the very real fact it’s not good being a polar bear in the 21st century – be it in China or Iceland, only one question popped into my head: why on Earth do I read the news?!

Maybe it’s because we ALL need to know about the rape victim who was assaulted AGAIN in India, or that the UK is heading towards Hell. Frankly, even though I’m glad I know what’s happening in the world, I also really really want to disappear into thin air and leave behind this crazy shit planet and its plague: humanity.

But relief came, in the – very generous – form of Kim K. Who knew?! Her releasing of the conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift made me smile, because DAMN ISN’T IT GOOD TO KNOW YOU WERE RIGHT FROM THE START!

I never understood everyone’s obsession with the blonde aforementioned. Her music is frankly appalling and she’s not very entertaining. Kanye West might be a crazy megalomaniac, but at least he’s got something going for him.

Anyway, whilst in today’s news it was, quite frankly, the least important story, it was also the only good one. And it came from the most surprising source. Which made me happy – we take what we can from where we can.

Thank you Kim K! You made my day a little less depressing! I really never thought I’d EVER write these words.

Polar bear in china
Polar bear in Iceland
Boris Johnson in Luton
Indian rape victim
UK scorched by devastating fires in futuristic doomsday


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