Journalist, writer, very curious human…

I don’t believe that to be successful you have to be an expert at ONE thing. I’m interested in music, art and yes, my guilty pleasure is checking out the stock market data. Call me weird if you want but there is something very soothing about all these little numbers. That I don’t actually invest any money in stocks makes it all the more satisfying.

On the other hand, Jack of all Trade is a term I truly detest – it does bring up the image of a Jack in a deck of cards and as a former Fashion Industry slave, believe me when I say you will NEVER catch me wearing such a gaudy outfit!

When I started this blog a while back it was about my musings and random ramblings. I then forgot about it cause life – and work – happened. I freelanced for Universal Music Group, amongst other clients, travelled, started writing fiction again…

But now I figured it was time to get organised and start writing here again.

This is Sarah Does Writing 3.0.

For an idea of what inspires me visually, go here


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