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Thanks Kim K!

I never thought I would wake up and jump in the shower with so much love for Kim Kardashian!

In today’s news, however, she was such a light and delightfully good surprise, I couldn’t help but laugh.

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Twitter, Estelle Maskame and the WTF moment

I went book shopping yesterday, which isn’t uncommon at all, I’m a bookworm, devouring words wherever I can find them.

In place of choice at the bookstore was a book called Did I Mention I Love You, but to be honest, I didn’t even look twice. So what am I doing writing about it? Well, I was doing some research for a potential job opportunity, and what do I see? An article about Estelle Maskame, the author of the aforementioned book!

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France and the French: clichés and assumptions

Whilst I am on the topic of Paris, and by extension, France,  I figured I should get some little things straight. It has been done countless times, but it seems the world at large still believes in clichés when it comes to the French, and France.

Clichés (French word, by the way) are annoying. They are also, very often, untrue, at least in this time and place – turns out French women did really have a lot of body hair once, Continue reading